Smoother Skin

From the Inside

Cathrine Espegard (33) from Hallingdal started using EQ Anti Age Collagen to reduce lines around the eyes and quickly noticed the difference. However, what surprised her the most were all the other changes she experienced.

Text Astrid Schaug og Cathrine Espegard
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Ever since I was 12 years old I have had skin problems. What’s more, when I was approximately 20 I got large boils in my face. I have tried everything from my general physician to a dermatologist, skin therapist, reflexologist and homeopath. I even went to a healer and I have tested several old wives’ tales.

Some of the creams, medicines and treatments I have tried had some effect; I did get rid of the boils, however prominent scarring remained and I still had impure skin.

The fine lines around my eyes were the reason why I decided to try out EQ Active Collagen. I had accepted that I would have to live the scar for the rest of my life. After just 14 days on EQ Anti Age Collagen I discovered that the fine lines were less prominent.

My skin feels smoother and people have started commenting on how good I look.

I have taken the powder for about three months, and I have been especially surprised that it does not only reduce the fine lines, but also the deeper ones left by the scars. In addition my impure skin have improved a lot. You can literally feel the changes! My skin feels smoother and people have started commenting on how good I look.

I used to have dry hands and cracked heels that often had to be treated with moisturizers, but that is no longer necessary; My skin does not feel that dry any more. In addition I have noticed that my nails don’t break as easily and that my hair has become shinier.

Kind regards,

Cathrine Espegard