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An amazing product

Yvonne Fretheim (41) from Re, Vestfold, Norway decided to try Anti Age Collagen for a couple of months and the product became a part of her daily morning routine.

Photo istockphoto/TERJE FRETHEIM

It all began when our son came home and told us that he had become a distributor for Eqology, and that he needed some new clients so mom and dad had to volunteer to become his first. We did as he wished, and we have not regretted that decision for one moment.

Six months after the very first time I mixed the collagen powder in my morning coffee, I can confirm that the product is living up to my expectations and then some.

As a mother of two in my forties I have to admit that the ravages of time have taken their toll on my body. Stretch marks after pregnancies, cellulites on my thighs and slightly wrinkled skin is more or less the correct description. In 2011 I had to undergo an operation that unsurprisingly caused some scarring, something that does not reflect well upon a woman’s opinion of her body. I have also had problems with dry skin for many years, so body lotion has been my best friend.


As a satisfied costumer of other Eqology products I started taking interest in the product Anti Age Collagen. Could this product help me? I decided to try the product for a few months to see if I noticed a difference.

  • The scars from my operation are still visible, but they are considerably less prominent.
  • The same applies to the stretch marks I have had for more than 20 years.
  • The cellulites on my thighs are more or less gone.
  • My dry skin is significantly more moist and flexible.

I can guarantee that Anti Age Collagen will continue to be a fixed part of my breakfast in the future because this is an amazing product.

Regards, Yvonne Fretheim