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Vegetarian vs Vegan – What is the difference?

– and how many types of vegetarianism exist

Although the plant lifestyle became popular lately, many of us still have doubts about what is the fundamental distinction in vegan and vegetarian diets. In this post, we would like to dispel all the uncertainties.

The core difference between these two is pretty simple. Remember: vegans do not eat each food which comes from animals at all! It means they avoid all dairy products, eggs and even honey. While vegetarians refuse to eat only meat and fish, but there are some exceptions and varieties of this diet. People ordinarily follow this movement due to ethic or religious beliefs, diverse health matters and restrictions.


Vegetarians are usually divided into four groups: Lacto, Ovo, Lacto-Ovo and Pescetarians.

The first variation is about those who eat dairy products but get away from eggs, poultry, seafood and meat. In turn, Ovo-vegetarians eat only eggs among animal origin products but reject all foods which contain milk. Lacto-Ovo group is the most popular and extensive because of its fewer restriction. Representatives of this movement allow themselves both eggs and milk products and avoid only all varieties of meat & fish itself. And the last group is, in fact, semi-vegetarian, as those individuals choose fish and seafood in addition to all dairy products and eggs. To summarise, they deny only meat consumption.


As we mentioned above, vegans refuse the consumption of any animal originated products. Many of them also look for cruelty-free healthcare goods, avoid wearing leather and all materials, which produced by harming animals, such as wool and silk.

Eqology is registered on the Animal Welfare Alliance’s list of products and brands that are cruelty-free.

Good to know that all EQ products are not tested on animals. Our suppliers guarantee that they do not verify the ingredients on animals as well. Moreover, we do not conduct animal testing in the manufacturing process of our products or engage others to do so. We are uncompromising in our product development – we have unique quality products for energy, cleansing, wellness, physical activity and performance.


Both diets can be beneficial, but like everyone, vegans and vegetarians need to be mindful about vitamins deficiency. As you know, dairy products are the primary source of calcium and vitamin D. That means, people who do not consume milk have to substitute it with soybeans, seaweed and dark leafy greens. If you follow a vegan diet, you may also consider supplements containing vitamin D.

However, we do believe that the veggie lifestyle is exciting! Individuals who stick it do not suffer from a lack of food variety and delicious taste. To maintain a healthy body, you have EQ Pure Vegan Shake. Try making an Avocado Spinach Shake and see for yourself.