Monthly 3FF Conditions

How to receive your monthly Pure Arctic Oil or another Eqology product for free

The qualifying calendar month:

  • You buy any Pure Arctic Oil Gold, Pure Arctic Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Pure Vegan Oil, Nordic Energy Booster, K2+D3, Essential, Anti Age Collagen or Shake (not free in your first calendar month).
  • You sign up three or more friends as your customers.
  • Your 3 friends buy the same product as you did.

The following calendar month:

  • You will receive your free Pure Arctic Oil Gold, Pure Arctic Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Pure Vegan Oil, Nordic Energy Booster, K2+D3, Essential, Anti Age Collagen or Shake and will only pay for shipping and handling to receive it (6,90 EUR). This rule will also apply during the following months, as long as you keep up to the requirement of having minimum three friends who purchase the same product and as long as your active auto-order is being sent every month.


  • Promo products and special offers are not included in 3FF.
  • You and your friends have to pay your orders within the same calendar month so you can benefit from 3FF in the following month.
  • To maintain your qualification in the consecutive months, you have to receive your free product first. If the product is not sent to you due to the expired credit card or other causes, you will no longer be qualified for 3 For Free in the following month.
  • You are no longer qualified to get a free product if one or more of your three friends choose to quit, freeze their order, return their product, don’t pay for their order (expired card/insufficient funds) or become an Eqology Business Partner.
  • If you register or maintain six or more friends, you will receive two products of the same type for free.

NOTE! To receive two 3FF products of the same kind, you have to first buy an extra piece of this product in the qualifying month. (Example: To receive 2 bottles of Pure Arctic Oil in the following month, you have to purchase or receive 2 bottles for free in the qualifying month. You can also buy only one of these two products and receive the other one as 3FF).

  • Eqology 6- and 12- month Pure Arctic Oil Extension and Pre-Paid Pure Arctic Oil are not a part of the Monthly 3FF program. Based on Extension and Pre-Paid, you can benefit from another incentive, 3FF Pre-Paid.


  • Ensure your qualification by having a few extra friends with the same product and stay updated. You can register more than three friends to make sure you will get your free product, even if someone quits.
  • To benefit from 3FF, we recommend keeping a monthly auto-order or subscription of your and your friends’ favourite product.
  • You can add a friend after logging in to MY ACCOUNT at Click “NEW 3FF CUSTOMER” follow the given instructions.
  • At MY ACCOUNT you can also keep track of your 3FF qualification for the next month. Friends will appear in the 3FF widget first after their current month’s order is paid.
  • If you do not qualify for 3FF in one month, you can re-qualify in the following month.