Be a leader

Eqology facilitates your personal development, whether or not you have leadership experience. Most people have no experience, but those who follow the system and follow the advice to the letter will succeed.

For the best success, follow our system:

  • Focus on leading others to success
  • Do not do the work for others
  • Develop new leaders through creating changed behavior – education and training
  • «Get many people to do a little»
  • Use your time sensibly – use your time on those who create turnover
  • Administrate your time, lead people
  • Create a framework, not limits

Duplicating creates exponential growth

  • Tell the same story to everyone you meet
  • Make sure everyone follows the system – do not allow the inventive ones to do it in their own way
  • Create predictability – meetings every week, every month
  • Always be a good example. Do not tell all you leaders what they should do unless you are doing it yourself.