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Pure Arctic Oil Gold


Pure Arctic Oil Gold

– Norwegian formula for brain and vision

We designed Pure Arctic Oil Gold for people who value excellent health, especially starting from mature age, want to stay active and see sharp. While Pure Arctic Oil is tailor-made for people to secure an optimal immune system and good cardiovascular health, Pure Arctic Oil Gold is the top omega-3 product to ensure that your brain capacity and vision will work the best possible way.

History of the concept

In 2014, Eqology launched the revolutionary omega-3 product Pure Arctic Oil. Pure Arctic Oil combined with the Omega-3 Test represented personalised health advice to Eqology customers. Over 250.000 customers have improved their health by taking Pure Arctic Oil since 2014.  Pure Arctic Oil Gold has been a bestseller since its launch in 2021. The daily dosage of 10 ml gives the body the recommended amount of omega-3 fatty acids that support and protect the immune system. In addition, daily consumption of omega-3 contributes to normal muscle function, good brain health and helps maintain normal vision.

Regardless of the essential health benefits associated with a regular intake of omega-3 oil, few people would continue regular use of the product if it had a bad smell and taste. Therefore, Pure Arctic Oil Gold brings an entirely different experience: fresh raw cold-water fish, fast manufacturing, and limited air exposure give the oil its unique character and flavour. By incorporating the high-quality, organic extra virgin olive oil from Crete into the finished product, we have successfully designed a fresh, rich and natural omega-3 fish oil. The Pure Arctic Oil flavour is so delicate that it can be mixed with a salad or added to ordinary food like smoothies and yogurts. Due to the excellent taste, Pure Arctic Oil Gold received two stars in the prestigious Superior Taste Awards.

We believe that focusing on taste, in addition to exceptional health benefits, made Pure Arctic Oil Gold the successful product in all European markets it is today. And the success story of this product has just begun. 

Health benefits

Lutein is considered the “brain and eye vitamin”. It improves communication between the nerve cells in the brain
Vitamin A is good for your vision and normal function of the immune system
250 mg of DHA and EPA helps to maintain normal heart function, normal vision and normal brain function. 10 ml Pure Arctic Oil Gold contains 2000mg of DHA and EPA.
Polyphenols help manage blood pressure levels and keep blood vessels healthy and flexible, promoting good circulation.

Why do we need another omega-3 product?

While Pure Arctic Oil is developed for supporting our immune and cardiovascular systems, Pure Arctic Oil Gold is designed for people that, in addition to these health benefits, will focus on protecting their vision and brain from degenerative changes. Recent clinical research concludes that humans in the wealthier parts of the world, on average, will live longer than ever before. We also know that the vision and brain are the organs that will decline and experience dysfunction earlier than the rest of the body. That is why, after two years of developing work, Eqology has designed the Norwegian Brain Formula. For more protection of the brain and vision, where we have increased the amount of omega-3 by focusing on more DHA and included vitamin A, polyphenols and lutein in the Pure Arctic Oil Gold.

By using innovative enzyme technology, we have increased the amount and concentration of DHA in the Full Spectrum Pure Arctic Oil Gold without losing the presence of other omega-3 fatty acids. Pure Arctic Oil Gold is sourced from sustainable cod from wild fish stocks in the pristine Arctic waters of Norway. The controlled Norwegian fishing industry has been considered one of the best in the world for the past 30 years.

Interesting facts

Pure Arctic Oil Gold comes in glass bottle to keep even better freshness
Pure Arctic Oil Gold offers a Full Spectrum of naturally occurring fatty acids, including the essential omega 3 and omega 5, 7, 9 and 11 fats
Pure Arctic Oil Gold contains low oxidation status, which means low TOTOX level
Pure Arctic Oil Gold gives us the same DHA/EPA omega-3 ratio which we can find in the human cell membranes, meaning natural and higher with DHA than EPA
Pure Arctic Oil Gold is certified with MSC ecolabel, where the fish is traced back to a sustainable source
Pure Arctic Oil Gold is produced in Norway.

Who will benefit from Pure Arctic Oil Gold?

Cognitive function reaches its peak during middle adulthood and declines as the body and brain begin to age. The most significant risk factor is increasing age, where the brain undergoes several widespread changes such as a reduction in volume and weight and changes in membrane lipid composition. Who should be extra conscious and benefit from the Norwegian Brain Formula? The answer is simple, if you want the Golden Standard for your brain, eye and heart health, you should choose Pure Arctic Oil Gold.