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Karstein Gjersvik, Ph.D., MsSci

Chairman of the board

Karstein Gjersvik is Chairman of the Board at EQOLOGY AS, a position he has had since June 2016. Mr. Gjersvik co-founded Bik Bok and served as its Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board for 9 years. He has studied economy at BI. Furthermore, he has served as Chief Executive Officer for Kvalitex, Chairman of Nordic Health AS, KG Investment Comp AS and Viveros Europlantas Espana S.L, and as Member of the Board at Kani Eiendom AS.

Kim Øien

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Øien has 25 years of working experiences from different sales organizations – since 2006 focusing on nutraceuticals. Kim Øien is one of the most experienced direct sale entrepreneurs in the Nordic region. During the past three years he has built a strong growth in TGMontgomery AS sale of Vitamin K2 in Norway. Almost 10 % of the population in Norway in the age of 60 + are now subscribers in Øiens company. He has now brought his experience from Norway to the Swedish market and can see a strong growth already.

His recipe for success is to process the market through using storytelling combined with effective dissemination in social media, digital- and traditional papers. He has taken relational sales seriously and created a new business standard concerning direct selling. As a board member in Eqology his focus area is to contribute to developing the most effective CRM systems and direct sale methods.

Nils Sydness

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Nils Sydness on viimase kahe aasta jooksul töötanud Valimiskomisjoni esimehena. Ta on õppinud majandust ning tal on laialdane kogemus erinevatel juhtivatel positsioonidel rahanduse ja väärtpaberitega kauplemise valdkonnas, samuti kinnisvara ja internetiga seotud valdkondades. Nils Sydness on tegev mitme ettevõtte nõukogus ning tal on sertifitseeritud juhatuse/ nõukogu liikme staatus. Nils Sydnessi ettevõtte Kani Eiendom AS omanduses on 309,258 Eqology ASA aktsiat.

Christian Espeseth

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Christian er strategisk rådgiver og partner i Red Media i tillegg til å være styremedlem i Eqology. Han har lang erfaring innenfor ulike områder av kommunikasjonsfaget; fra forretningsutvikling og CRM til merkevareprosjekter og taktiske salgsaktiviteter. Aktiviteter utviklet for såvel små organisasjoner og grunderbedrifter til større multinasjonale selskaper. Han har arbeidet med salgs- og kommunikasjons-prosesser fra både kunde, reklame- og mediebyrå siden, og har derigjennom opparbeidet bred erfaring med både taktisk og strategisk utnyttelse av de fleste kontaktflater og content.