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EQ Essential is the health supplement that combines the most protective nutrients from the world’s best superfood.

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A nutrient rich diet is key for longivity and optimal health. Even the most health conscious person would find it difficult to get enough nutrients with powerful anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and health-protective effects.

Some people stay healthier, live longer and age slower as they avoid nutrional gaps in their diet.

EQ Essential is a complete, ultra-premium daily antioxidant supplement. It contains a full range of vitamins and minerals (at optimum not just RDI levels) plus plant foods such as Mangosteen extract, Acai, Aloe Vera, flavonoids from Blueberries* and Green Tea extract, which are anti-inflammatory nutrients. These have all been found, in significant amounts, in diets linked to long-term health and longevity.

*Blueberries and anthocyanins are important for the vascular health. strengthens the immune system, dilate and soften your veins and improve your cholesterol balance, keeping you healthier longer.


  • 12 essential vitamins (including antioxidant vitamins A, C and E) – Vital for well-being
  • Plant-sourced mineral blend Over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace ionic, life-giving nutrients
  • Phytonutrient ingredients A blend of powerful plant and natural components such as blueberries and acai berry. Both Acai and Blueberries are known for anti-aging and weight loss properties
  • Whole-fruit Mangosteen An abundant supply of whole-fruit Mangosteen extract that provides some of the highest quantities of xanthones found in nature
  • Organic glyconutrient-rich Aloe Vera A powerful phytonutrient known to provide the body with many beneficial effects
  • Organic Green Tea For additional antioxidant power and phytonutrient protection


Your physical well-being can be more directly dependent upon the minerals you take into your body than almost any other factor. Minerals help support the health of organs, bones and the immune system.

EQ Essential has a unique mineral blend to help your overall well-being.

It contains 100% ionic, life-giving minerals. These unprocessed phytonutrients include over 65 major, trace and ultra-trace, plant-sourced minerals. The body cannot survive without nature’s fundamental minerals, yet it cannot manufacture minerals. They must be obtained from the diet or through supplementation. Modern-day diets may lack the appropriate balance of minerals due to mineral-depleted soils and over-processed foods. If you “only” eat 2000 calories a day it is very dificult to get all the nutrients you need from your diet. Poor food choices and empty calories will make the diet worse. You will be at risk lacking Micro and phyto- nutrients. Minerals are needed for energy production, protection from free-radical damage and other vital functions. Minerals provide a foundation for your optimal well-being.


Scientific nutrition research has unveiled that some foods are significant more healthy than others, and will even be able to improve the immune system. We call these foods “superfoods”. Eating “superfood” provides you with vitamins, minerals and even antioxidants. Fruits, berries and vegetables are all important and very healthy foods.


Many antioxidants are natural substances found in fruit, berries and vegetables. These substances counteract very harmful oxidation of fatty acids, cell membranes and DNA.

Antioxidants – a common designation of many chemical substances that protect against, or slow down, harmful oxidation usually by being oxidized themselves.

Oxidation can create harmful chain-reactions and cause damage on cell-level. Oxidation can lead to DNA-mutations causing harmful diseases. Free radicals – electrons released by biochemical processes in the body during metabolism. Free radicals are formed when the body applies oxygen to metabolite fat and carbohydrates. Free radicals are important to the body’s metabolism but too many of these electrons can be very harmful. Stress, radiation, smoking, infections and an unhealthy diet can result in far too many free radicals. This may, in worst case, lead to harmful DNA-mutations resulting in chronic diseases like for instance cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Antioxidants protect against free radicals.