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Eqology Test Kits


Test, don’t guess!

What do we mean when we say that Eqology is a test-based company? In 2017 the first ever Omega-3 Test by Eqology was conducted. Since then over 400,000 customers have taken control of their health with our Health Concepts. But how?

There are many aspects to achieving good health. You might be thriving in one area - for example being a very active person, but then still not feeling like your best self. This can be a sign that you should seek out some answers. Many people go through life feeling fatigued or struggling with other types of health problems thinking that it is normal. That is why Eqology has innovated and created the Omega-3 Full Spectrum Fatty Acids Test, the Vitamin K2 Test, the Vitamin D3 Test and the Mineral Test. These self administered tests are easy to use. 20-25 business days after sending in the sample, you can get a significant scientific report on your health, and get the answers you have been looking for.

“From the over 400,000 tests that Eqology has conducted, we found that 9 in 10 people have an omega-3 deficiency.”

Omega-3 Test

Since 2017 Eqology has offered an entirely new approach for blood testing on the market. With our Omega-3 Test you receive a personal fatty acid blood profile, which tells you about your omega-6 to omega-3 ratio, as well as your omega-3 index. Additionally you also get extra access to a significant scientific report with information about 11 essential blood fatty acid values. This is an outstanding opportunity to get valuable health knowledge that will help you understand your body better and strengthen it.

The balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids intake is vital for body vitality. To stay healthy, we must increase the amount of unsaturated fatty acids in our diet and decrease saturated fats consumption. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential building blocks for the cell membrane and intracellular organelles in all human cells. The body needs a regular supply of unsaturated fatty acids, where the omega-3 fatty acids profile is the most important. It doesn’t mean that we don’t need any saturated fatty acids at all. Those are also crucial for our health. However, the ratio between saturated fatty acids omega-6 and unsaturated omega-3 in our blood should never be higher than 5. A ratio higher than 5 omega-6s to 1 omega-3s increases the length and severity of inflammatory reactions.

What’s great, our Omega-3 Test is a simple self-administered device that you can purchase as a single product or select together with the Pure Arctic Oil Premium plan. After you perform the test at home, post it totally for free to our laboratory in Oslo. Results will be ready on after 20-25 business days.


K2+ D3 Test

Our Vitamin K2 + D3 Test can tell you the serum concentration of vitamin K2 (MK7) and vitamin D3 (25-OH Vitamin D3). The vitamin K2 “concentration number” in your blood gives you an indication of your relative risk to develop cardiovascular issues and/or weak bones. 25-OH vitamin D3 is a metabolite of vitamin D3, which is considered the best indicator of vitamin D status in the body.

With the help of a simple self-administered device, you can quickly receive your serum-concentration of vitamin K2 (MK7) and vitamin D3 level (25-OH vitamin D3).

Mineral Test

In 2023 Eqology is the first in Network Marketing to put a Mineral Test on the market. The following minerals can be measured by this test: Magnesium, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Iodine. These are minerals that many people often are deficient in without knowing. By taking this test you can obtain important knowledge about the state of your health and regain control by taking supplements.


Eqology has the solution

We have not developed these tests to just tell you about the vital things that your body may be lacking - Eqology has the solution! Since 2017 we have been trailblazing the Network Marketing industry by focusing on tests and health concepts that bring real, positive improvements to people's health.

• To improve omega-3 levels we recommend Pure Arctic Oil. It is one of the world's best and most premium omega-3 supplements, made from fresh, traceable and sustainable Arctic wild cod. An Eqology Pure Arctic Oil subscription can help you get your omega-3 levels back into the “healthy zone”.

• Our Vitamin K2D3 facilitates the binding of calcium to the bone matrix and secures the maintenance of strong and healthy bones. Take this supplement if your test results show that you do not have a sufficient amount of K2 in your body. Maintain healthy bones by taking the recommended daily dosage every day.

• If the results on your Mineral Test show that your body is lacking one or more of the body's vital minerals, we recommend Nordic Energy Booster. A pilot test conducted over 9 months measured improved mineral levels in those taking the recommended dose of Nordic Energy Booster. This supplement is also available as a subscription from Eqology, to ensure you maintain a stable mineral level every day.

These three supplement products make up the superior health trio that is Pure Arctic Oil, K2D3 and Nordic Energy Booster - each covering a different need that your body has every day.

Our independent lab partner

Vitas laboratory is located in Oslo, Norway. They have been our collaborator and independent lab partner since the very beginning, and have conducted hundreds of thousands of tests for Eqology.

Every blood sample collection card contains an exclusive ID number. Your test is therefore completely confidential. Eqology collects the overall data, and what these results have shown us is that test-based health is the future. Get your tests today and learn about your own health. That is the first step towards becoming the best and most healthy version of yourself!