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Terms & Conditions

The following purchase conditions apply to all sales of products from to customers. The terms of purchase together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, form the overall contractual basis for the purchase.

If you have any questions, please contact customer service.

1. General
1.1 The terms of purchase together with your order, confirmed through an order confirmation, form the overall contractual basis for the purchase.

1.2 Purchases in the online store are made by using a credit card or other services provided via Adyen.

1.3 Binding purchase agreements cannot be entered into with minors without the approval of a guardian. Binding purchase agreements can only be entered into by persons over the age of 15.

1.4 Consumer purchases are regulated in, among other things, the Consumer Purchases Act, the Right of Cancellation Act, the Marketing Act, the Personal Data Act, the E-commerce Act and the Credit Purchases Act. Follow the links if you want more information about your rights and obligations when purchasing. Where in these terms and conditions of sale there is a requirement for writing, this is fulfilled by using e-mail.

1.5 assumes responsibility in accordance with the legislation in force at any given time, but does not assume responsibility to a wider extent than that which follows from the legislation in force at any given time.

2. Parties
2.1 The agreement is personal to you and applies only to you. This means that you are responsible for the agreement being followed and that you cannot entrust anyone without special written permission from us with the rights or obligations in the agreement to someone else. This also applies if you were to hand over the received product/s to someone else.

2.2 For goods purchased and shipped from the online store:
The seller is: AS
The online store section of is operated by: AS
Address: Eqology.NO AS, Lilleakerveien 2B, 0283 OSLO, Norway. Organisation number NO-988 393 495MVA.

2.3 The buyer is a private person registered as a customer with AS.
Separate conditions apply to business customers.

3. Order and agreement
(i) the agreement form with your personal data (the "subscription agreement")
(ii) subscription-specified terms that regulate what applies specified for a certain
(iii) provisions contained in other acts to which Eqology refers in these general conditions,
e.g. price lists, current price lists can be found on our website
(iv) general conditions (this text)

If there are mutual contradictions in the above terms, (i) i - in the first instance apply, (ii) i
in –next in order, etc. If an additional agreement exists, i.e. anyone other than what is agreed
based on what is stated in the above terms, the first additional agreement in the order will apply.

3.1 The agreement is binding once you have accepted the agreement digitally.

3.2 If no other written agreement applies, if you have chosen a subscription, the agreement is for one period where 6 subscription invoices are paid, which is common within 6 months.

3.3 Your order is binding when it is registered and sent to our order system. Eqology are also bound by your order if it does not deviate from what is offered by us in our online shop, our marketing or in any other way.

3.4 Upon receipt of the order, the buyer will automatically be sent an email with the order confirmation. Read the confirmation carefully and check that it matches the order.
The seller reserves the right to change or cancel all or part of the order if the product the buyer has ordered is sold out. Should this occur, the buyer will be contacted, possibly with information about alternative goods.

3.5 Any price changes that occur after the time of ordering, which are not due to errors, do not have retroactive effect. If there have been significant typing or printing errors, or errors in automatic price calculations, can delete or reject orders. This applies even if the customer has received an order confirmation or similar. Such errors must be corrected within a reasonable time after the error is discovered.

3.6 If you do not collect the package and are otherwise completely passive, this will not give us any indication as to why the package has not been collected. You will then not have fulfilled the requirements set for you in accordance with the Right of Withdrawal Act.

NOTE! A returned package does not automatically cancel the subscription.

Please contact Customer Support after your package is returned to settle the case.

4. Information at
4.1 Eqology strives to give our customers as correct information about our products as possible. However, Eqology reserve the right that typographical errors may occur, which may mean that Eqology cannot deliver according to information provided in our online store, our marketing or otherwise. Information about each individual product comes from our suppliers and unfortunately there may be errors here too. Images on our pages may in some cases deviate from the product's real appearance.

5. Prices
5.1 All prices include VAT (% may vary from country to country). The total cost of the purchase will appear before ordering. Any offers are valid until the warehouse is empty. Eqology reserves the right to change prices as a result of changed prices from our suppliers.

5.2 When ordering a subscription, there will be no additional costs for the subscription itself. You only pay for the products and any shipping costs. The current price of the product will be the lowest price Eqology has in our sales channels at the time the order is generated for new delivery of the item on your subscription. The shipping cost is the current shipping price Eqology has at at all times.

6. Payment
6.1 You must pay all subscription fees, reminder fees and similar fees. You must pay for having used services such as shipping, which will be debited to you and all purchases such as is done via our website or other articles that are purchased in connection with your subscription. If you consider that the costs Eqology has debited you are incorrect, please let us know as soon as possible.

6.2 Any taxes, e.g. VAT must be paid by you and will be added to the invoice.

6.3 All payment transactions take place via secure payment intermediaries. Eqology uses Adyen. Card details and corresponding payment information are not stored on Purchases in the online store are made by using payment services from Adyen.

7. Termination of the agreement

7.1 The subscription agreement can be terminated at the earliest after all subscription payments have been made, in addition to the payment of the first package.

7.2 You can announce that you want the agreement to end at the end of the binding period after your 5th order has been paid and processed. If you do not resign agreement, the subscription will continue on a similar subscription after the mandatory period the subscription will continue as a monthly order with a notice period of 30 days.

7.3 If you wish to end your subscription before the binding period is over, Eqology reserves the right to charge you a termination fee of 60 EUR / 500 DKK / 600 NOK / 600 SEK / 65 CHF / 250 PLN / 55 GBP per subscription. You must contact Eqology Customer Support to initiate the cancellation process.

8. Shipping and delivery
8.1 Our standard delivery time varies from 2 to 5 business days from the moment your order is paid in full. Information about possible shipping options is displayed on before payment. All delivery times must be considered indicative and may deviate somewhat in connection with holidays, public holidays and other extraordinary events. An email with the parcel’s tracking information will be sent to you the moment the carrier receives the shipment. You will find the updated delivery information for your country here.

8.2 The risk for the products is with us until the buyer receives the package, or the package is picked up at the delivery point, or until the buyer issues an authorisation to deposit the parcel. If the buyer fails to take over the goods at the point of delivery, the risk passes to the buyer when the delivery time is reached. This applies if the buyer is aware or should be aware that the goods can be collected at the delivery point.

8.3 If the products return to warehouse because of customer's negligence (e.g. incorrect shipping address provided, failure to pick up the product from collection point on time), Eqology reserves the right to charge a standard reshipping fee for the re-delivery of your items to the same or an alternative delivery address, as specified by you.

8.4 The standard reshipping fee will be determined by Eqology and may vary based on the size and weight of the parcel, the destination, and any other applicable factors. The specific re-shipping fee amount will be communicated to you at the time of reshipment and will be payable before reshipping is initiated.

8.5 When choosing delivery in the letterbox as the delivery option, it may happen that the package is too large to be delivered in the letterbox. The package will then be sent to the nearest collection point/post in store and you will be notified of a new collection point by the courier.

8.6 As soon as you have received the goods, you should check whether the delivery corresponds to the order confirmation and that the goods are in order.

8.7 All products follow the suppliers and manufacturers warranty provisions. Some goods may deteriorate when stored in very high or low temperatures. If you have any questions regarding delivery, contact customer service within 14 days. In most cases, Eqology will ask for documentation of the complaint/damage, and therefore ask you to keep the product until you hear back from our customer service.

9. Sales pledge
9.1 has a lien on (retention of title in) the delivered goods until the purchase price with the addition of interest and costs has been paid in full, compare Pledge Act § 3-4, compare § 3-22.

10. Complaint
10.1 If the buyer discovers or should have discovered an error or defect in the product, he or she must notify customer service within 14 days of the delivery date that he or she wants to claim the defect (complaint).

10.2 If there is a real defect in the item and the consumer has complained within 14 days, the buyer can demand:
- Correction or redelivery
- Cancellation of the purchase * NOTE! A cancellation of purchase does not cancel the subscription
- Replacement
- Withhold the purchase price

10.3 Eqology refers to the Consumer Purchase Act for further details.

11. Right of withdrawal
11.1 The Right of Cancellation Act gives you the right to cancel your purchase for most goods and for certain services. The right to cancel requires that you notify us within 14 days of receiving the item that you wish to cancel (withdrawal period). The message can be given by using the attached right of withdrawal form or by contacting customer service.

11.2 All products you do not want must be returned to us within a reasonable time and no later than 14 days after you have received the item. Any return shipping must be paid for by you. Return costs follow our local transport partners' current prices at all times. The product is returned, if possible, in the original packaging together with the right of withdrawal form.

11.3 In the event that you do not accept a delivered parcel and wish to request a refund, a return fee will be applied to cover the costs associated with the return and refund process. The return fee for unaccepted orders is 55 NOK/SEK / 69 DKK / 6,90 EUR / 5,90 GBP / 19,90 PLN / 9,90 CHF.

11.4 When a subscription order or a Pre-Paid/Extension is returned partially, AS will refund the difference between the Subscription/Pre-Paid price and the regular product price of the items that were kept or used by the Customer.

NOTE! The subscription does not end by returning a package.

11.5 Eqology undertakes to refund what you have paid including any fees and shipping. This only applies when the entire purchase is returned. The refund must take place within fourteen days after Eqology receives the product from you.

11.6 The right of withdrawal does not apply:
- For consecutive subscription orders within the binding period. Subscription purchases may be cancelled after first delivery only.
- For event tickets
- Delivery of sealed goods which, for reasons of hygiene, are not suitable for return, and where the seal has been broken after delivery
- Goods that quickly deteriorate or quickly expire
- If the buyer does not notify the seller that he or she wishes to make use of the right of withdrawal

11.7 Eqology refers to the Right of Cancellation Act for further details.

12. Personal data
12.1 Everyone who works at is subject to a duty of confidentiality. When you shop with us, Eqology needs information about your name, address and email address so that Eqology can deliver the goods to you in a safe way, as well as contact you about conditions in connection with the order. The information must also be kept in connection with accounting, tax handling and possible return handling.

12.2 Eqology also collects and stores information about which pages, categories and products are viewed or searched for to improve your shopping experience. Eqology cannot trace this information back to the individual visitor. You can read more about this here.

12.3 Card numbers are not kept by Eqology beyond what is necessary to ensure efficient handling of any problems with charging, cancellation of reservation and crediting.
If you register with us, you have the option to register payment information and delivery address so that you can shop faster.

12.4 does not sell personal data to third parties, nor does Eqology exchange or forward such information with third parties. Exceptions are required information to public authorities.

12.5 You have the right to:
• Require the Controller to provide access to your data;
• Correct personal data;
• Delete personal data;
• Restrict the processing of personal data;
• Object to the processing;
• Transfer data;
• File a complaint to the supervisory body.

13. Extraordinary circumstances
13.1 is only responsible for the loss of the item if it is found to be faulty or missing. However, this does not apply if proves that the deficiency is due to circumstances beyond's control and the consequences of which could not reasonably be expected to avoid or overcome.

13.2 is not responsible for indirect losses as a result of defects unless the loss is caused by gross negligence on's part.

13.3 For consumer purchases, the terms cannot be worse than the terms in the Consumer Purchases Act.

14. Change in terms
14.1 reserves the right to change the current terms and conditions, including as a result of changes in legislation.

15. Force majeure
15.1 is not responsible for direct or indirect losses incurred by the buyer due to force majeure, including strike, lockout, war, fire, disaster, stoppage in the supply of telecommunications services or electricity, etc. The purchase can be cancelled in whole or in part if such conditions are of a permanent nature. If the events are of a temporary nature, both parties can request that the delivery time be postponed.

16. Disputes and choice of law
16.1 Disputes on the occasion of the conditions and related provisions, as well as disputes concerning the aforementioned and the following legal relationships fall under the ordinary courts, with the Oslo District Court as the venue.