Eqology Shake - Chocolate


Product description:

Nutritional meal replacement shake mix specially formulated with vitamins and minerals to help you with your nutrition goals. Taste: Chocolate
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Nutritional shake mix for weight control and healthy nutrition

Shake is a unique full dietary and meal replacement that provides only 212 kcal mixed with semi skimmed milk. The product is exclusively made from the finest raw materials and ingredients and contains 50% high-quality protein (25 g per meal), BCAA (branched chain amino acids), 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, complex carbohydrates with a low GI, fiber and essential fatty acids.

  • Good for your energy. Contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism, contributes to a reduction of tiredness and fatigue.
  • Contributes to normal muscle function.
  • Good for your nervous system, cognitive and psychological functions.
  • Good for your immune system function. Normal immune system function and protection of cells from oxidative stress.
  • Contributes to normal collagen formation for the normal function of bones, carti-lage, skin and teeth, normal absorption/utilisation of calcium and phosphorus, maintenance of normal vision.
  • Contributes to normal blood clotting, normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin, normal oxygen and iron transport in the body, increases iron absorption, normal collagen formation for the normal function of blood vessels, normal blood calcium levels and maintenance of normal blood pressure.

Whey protein isolate (from milk), soy protein isolate, dietary fiber (acacia gum, inulin), fat powder (soybean oil, glucose syrup, milk protein), low fat cocoa powder, minerals (potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate, iron (II) sulfate, zinc sulfate, potassium iodide, sodium hydrogen selenite, copper II gluconate, manganese sulfate), thickening agent (guar gum, xanthan gum), aroma (chocolate flavour), sweetener (steviol glycosides), vitamins (vitamin E (dl-alphatocopheryl acetate), vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid), vitamin B3 (niacin), vitamin A (retinyl acetate), vitamin B7 (biotin), vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid), vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B12 (methylcobalamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride), vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol), vitamin B1 (Thiamine Mononitrate)).

Nutritional value per recommended daily dosage
Per 25**g
Energy95 kcal
Proteins12,3 g
Carbohydrates2,9 g
- of which sugar1,8 g
Fats2,9 g
- of which saturated0,8 g
- of which linoleic acid1,2 g
Dietary fibre4,0 g
Salt0,33 g
VitaminsPer 25g**
Vitamin A272 μg
Vitamin D1,8 μg
Vitamin E3,7 mg
Vitamin C18,0 mg
Vitamin B10,6 mg
Vitamin B20,7 mg
Vitamin B60,7 mg
Vitamin B120,8 μg
Vitamin B3 (Nacin)8,0 mg
Vitamin B9 (Folic acid)143 μg
Vitamin B5 (Pantothenic acid)1,5 mg
Vitamin B7 (Biotin)7,0 μg
MineralsPer 25g**
Calcium126 mg
Phosphorus170 mg
Magnesium58 mg
Iron11,0 mg
Iodine79 μg
Zinc9,0 mg
Potassium241 mg
Selenium34 μg
Copper0,9 mg
Manganese0,6 mg

**Per portion including powder and semi-skimmed milk
Recommended Dosage
Mix one measuring spoon (25 g) with 2.5 dl semi skimmed milk in a shaker or similar. Each pouch contains 300 g that provides 12 healthy meals. For best training effect, we recommend one Shake within the first 20 minutes after exercise.
This product should not be used as a substitute for a balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
Store dry at 15 – 25°C and keep out of reach from small children.
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