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New steps
towards a more
sustainable business

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Eqology has always been committed to minimising our impact on the planet, therefore sustainability is at the forefront of our growth strategy. We are continuously looking for ways in which we can improve our impact on the environment, and transparency is key in our communication with our customers as we grow sustainably.

Sustainable fishing

Fishing has become an industry that heavily impacts the environment. Overfishing will cause certain species of fish to become endangered and extinct. This is not an outcome that Eqology wants to contribute to or be a part of. Our top priority is to have a close collaboration between the marine refining industry and fishermen to utilise 100 % of the fish that are caught and used in our products. Our fisheries are family owned and have a long history and experience in this industry. They have always shared our point of view about the importance of sustainable fishing and utilising everything we harvest from nature. As early as 1985, they started utilising the trimmings from the processing plant to make our Omega-3 products from Arctic cod and later also collagen peptides from cod skins.

Collaborating with fisheries who have sustainability and premium quality as their utmost priority, has resulted in Eqology Pure Arctic Oil. One of the best Omega-3 products on the market. Fish and fish oils are fresh products, and it is a prerequisite that the raw material is processed quickly. The health benefit is greater with the consumption of fresh quality versus the alternative. The best indication of how fresh and premium an Omega-3 fish oil is, is the taste. The freshness of the oil can also be revealed by checking the TOTOX value. TOTOX refers to the Total Oxidation Value and is used to evaluate the rancidity and quality of the oil. A TOTOX value above 26 can be harmful to the human body, and Pure Arctic Oil has one of the lowest levels in any Omega-3 product at 4-6.


New Partnership Agreement - Big Blue Ocean Cleanup

Making sure that Eqologys products are made and distributed in a sustainable manner is important, but in order to achieve that, we need to maintain healthy oceans. That is why we have partnered with Big Blue Ocean Cleanup who do incredible work towards preserving our oceans and cleaning them up. Eqology has now joined over 50,000 Clean-up Ambassadors. These ambassadors come from all over the world and Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is present in over 100 countries across 6 different continents.

Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is an international, non-profit organisation with a mission to drive positive change towards clean oceans that support all marine wildlife and sustainable living, and to minimise disturbance from human development and climate change. To date their cleanups have resulted in over 5 million kilograms of plastic being removed from the oceans, and they have educated over 1 million children on ocean pollution.

“100% of the donations go back
to non-profit organisations.”

Plastic will never biologically degrade and disappear from our environment, instead it becomes “microplastic” - small particles that get into our natural waters and oceans. It is detrimental to learn more about the impacts microplastic is having on living organisms. The research Big Blue Ocean Cleanup conducts provides open source data on marine plastic pollution, this is to help policy change across the world. To find more efficient ways to clean the oceans, Big Blue Ocean Cleanup is also working with innovative platforms to support the development of new technologies.

Eqology is proud to be an Official Sustainable Partner of the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup - we continue our journey towards becoming more environmentally conscious and protecting our oceans and we’re excited to initiate clean-ups in all our markets with your help!