The Scars are Almost Completely Gone

Five years ago Thomas S. Hansen got a serious skin infection which resulted in scars all over his upper body. Now the scars are barely visible.

Text Astrid Schaug
Photo Kristine Korsnes

I had boils and open wounds all over my chest, shoulders and arms. Extremely inconvenient, especially when working out at the gym. I went to a dermatologist and after many weeks with tests and no results I was put on an intensive treatment with a powerful drug for acnes. The treatment helped me get rid of the boils and prevented them from spreading further, however I was left with many foul scars all over my upper body.

I assumed that I had to live with these scars for the rest of my life, and had given up hoping they would improve.

However, about six months ago I started taking EQ Anti Age Collagen after listening to my partner brag about the product. I believed that it was a product intended for women, but I wanted to test what kind of an effect it had on us men. I would never have guessed that it would have such a great impact on my skin. The scars are almost not visible at all and many of the smaller ones are completely gone.

Now I’m no longer embarrassed to be seen shirtless!

I was rough for me when the scars were at the worst, so regrettably I don’t have any “before” pictures. However, now I’m no longer embarrassed to be seen shirtless!

Kind regards, 
Thomas S. Hansen

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