Eqology joins WWF-Norway’s Corporate Club

In Eqology, we strive for a balance between nature and our lives. We care deeply about the state of the planet and believe in the sustainable management of oceans, forests, wild habitats, and especially of the cod, which is used for omega-3 oil manufacturing. Since April 2021, our company has become a Corporate Club member of the World Wide Fund for Nature in Norway, whose mission is to stop the degradation of the planet’s natural environment and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature.

Eqology, as a Norwegian company, wants to bring more awareness around sustainable and healthy oceans. Moreover, we are constantly trying to minimise the corporate impact on the environment and become more ecologically clean by reducing waste and eliminating the usage of materials we cannot recycle later. Eqology joined WWF-Norway’s Corporate Club to support WWF’s work for a healthy planet and especially a healthy ocean.

Among WWF-Norway’s initiatives towards nature conservation, we can define the following:

  • Protecting the world’s most endangered species
  • Improving the productivity and resilience of the oceans
  • Making food systems sustainable
  • Establishing a clear passage to limit global warming
  • Preserving and restoring forests
  • Protecting rivers and wetlands

WWF-Norway is an organisation that works both locally and globally to keep the ocean healthy. Their mission has an enormous impact on the sustainability of the world.

– says Roar Arnstad, the CEO of Eqology. WWF-Norway partners with different industries: from individuals and communities to businesses and governments, in various ways. We are happy to make our voice heard for nature by being a WWF-Norway’s Corporate Club member. Every year, our company donates funds to support initiatives towards a healthy ocean.

You can see Eqology’s certificate of membership in WWF-Norway’s Corporate Club here.

In addition to the annual contribution, Eqology participates in a separate dedicated project to decrease industrial excess called “Reduce waste by 2025”. Through this program, we are committed to making changes and reducing waste over the next five years.

What does the ocean give us?

The ocean is a planetary superpower. Home to spectacular ecosystems and treasured wildlife, the ocean covers 71% of our Earth’s surface and sustains the lives of billions of people. It regulates our climate, produces half the oxygen we breathe, and fuels the water cycle that produces rain and freshwater. Moreover, it provides us with essential marine ingredients such as fish for omega-3s products. Last but not least – the ocean controls weather changes and keeps the planet’s temperature in balance: climate change, overfishing, and pollution threaten marine life and us. Therefore, our core goal is to keep fish stocks sustainable, reduce wasteful consumption and minimise plastic pollution.

You can check real-time where plastic waste accumulated in the oceans and where it comes from on plasticnavigator.wwf.de.

We are proud to support WWF Norway as this is the first step towards a more important strategic initiative to strengthen the planet and a healthier ocean.

– comments Erik Eskedal, the Head of Marketing of Eqology. We support the Norwegian branch of WWF, and that is why you see the Bedriftsfadder logo meaning “Corporate Sponsor”, on eqology.com.

Watch the video about the problem of ocean pollution