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Marine Collagen Premium+

When we are young we naturally have great production and supply of collagen in our bodies, and these work as important building blocks as they prepare us for a long and healthy life. When we hit our 20’s the production of collagen starts declining. Some features attributed to youth and health become less salient as the collagen decreases, and our skin loses its softness and elasticity, nails become more brittle, and hair starts thinning. For this reason, we have created Marine Collagen Premium+, a product that can combat these issues and supply the body and skin with ingredients to promote the collagen production in our bodies. The aging process might only be visible on the outside, but Marine Collagen Premium+ can also contribute by slowing the aging process in general, making the bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments more dense. This is why we like to say that this product can make you glow from within.

Why all the additional ingredients?

The Marine Collagen Premium+ not only consists of pure Marine Collagen, there are also additional ingredients added to make it a product that can benefit your overall health. It is a unique blend, because the ingredients have been carefully selected to make it a premium collagen product. Marine Collagen Premium+ contains higher levels of Vitamin C to increase the body’s natural production of collagen. Vitamin C is an ingredient that is often used in health supplements because of its benefits, such as, contributing to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, energy-yielding metabolism, and all around normal physiological functions.

Marine Collagen Premium+ also contains other compounds that are essential for healthy and glowing skin, such as Glycine and OptiMSM. The benefit of these can be to help your body produce antioxidants, improve sleep quality and reduce signs of aging as well as improving your skin’s firmness, elasticity and hydration. It is also important for hair and nails. All of the ingredients in Marine Collagen Premium+ combined together make it a beautiful supplement that can make you look and feel youthful and healthy.

Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen

Hydrolyzed collagen is used in Marine Collagen Premium+. The skin from cod-fish is frozen on the fishing boat where the fish are caught. The frozen mass then arrives at the processing facility where a proprietary mixture of enzymes will hydrolyze or chop the fish-collagen into smaller particles. This ensures that we do not lose any nutrients/collagen in the process, and secures the cells, small hydrolyzed building bricks for their own collagen production.

Often in fishing where the whole fish catch is meant for consumption, everything except the filets are removed and thrown away. This is why some fishing can be perceived as wasteful and less sustainable. Marine Collagen is made out of the fish’s skin – a part of the fish that otherwise would be thrown away. It contributes to making the most important ingredient in Marine Collagen Premium+, as well as having a positive impact on the environment by reducing waste.

Did you know? Hydrolyzed Marine Collagen is documented to be absorbed 1,5 times more efficiently into the body than other types of collagen.

How Marine Collagen Premium+ stands out

We made Marine Collagen Premium+ with the whole body in mind. When we feel our best we also look our best – and this is why we have added additional ingredients that can boost the body’s natural production of collagen while at the same time benefiting the health of the body.

When it comes to our products we take taste very seriously and we aim to make all products created by Eqology taste the very best. The evidence lies in the fact that all the Eqology omega-3 products – including one of our bestsellers -The Pure Arctic Oil Gold – has won two stars in the prestigious Superior Taste Awards. Marine Collagen Premium+ has a refreshing taste of lemon. This also means that you can add the product to a variety of different liquids; juice, smoothies, or just pure water – and it will still taste amazing.

Those who feel like their skin is missing the suppleness and glow it once had will enjoy the benefits of using Marine Collagen Premium+. It takes the body 4-6 months for the body to replenish tissue and after taking this product your skin will glow from within.

Did you know? Eqology is committed to being eco-friendly and sustainability is at the forefront of our focus. The measuring spoons for Marine Collagen Premium+ are made from sugarcane and are 100% biodegradable.