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Olive Oil in Pure Arctic Oil

– irreplaceable component

History and Properties

Doctors and nutritionists today loudly recommend the usage of olive oil. How do you think, why is it so valuable? The ancient Greeks called it liquid gold since this magic oil can bring considerable benefit to the human body.

Olive oil is widely used in cooking and cosmetics creation: for example, soap manufacture and skincare products. The Medicine field also needs olive oil for the production of vitamins and preparations for injections. The main point is, olive fat is absorbed much better than other vegetable oils. Such oil is well tolerated even by people suffering from digestive disorders, diseases of the liver and gall bladder. Moreover, doctors recommend taking a spoonful of olive oil in the morning on an empty stomach – this has a slight choleretic effect.

Olive oil prevents cardiovascular diseases. Its use contributes to the normalization of high blood pressure, and avoidance of diabetes and obesity.

The secret of this oil is that it consists almost entirely of unsaturated fats (fatty acids), which reduce the level of harmful cholesterol without affecting the content of its beneficial variety — thereby maintaining a healthy balance of vital elements in the body. It contains large amounts of vitamin E, which helps the body better absorb other vitamins.
Label extra virgin refers to the highest quality — in such olive oil, acidity usually does not exceed 1%, and the taste is excellent. So you know, the lower the sourness of the oil, the higher its quality.

Terra Creta

— a strong brand with the extraordinary quality

In Pure Arctic Oil composition, we use an organic cold-pressed olive oil called Terra Creta. This extra virgin oil is made from olives grown in the eponymous estate, located in the sunlit mountain and hilly olive groves of the island of Crete. Both old and new technologies are used in production: slow-farming technics make its taste and aroma unique. Such Greek oil belongs to the category of bio-organic and frequently becomes the oil of the year.

During the cultivation and production of organic olive oil, everything involved in the process returns to the environment. The animals feed on the leaves, and water after washing the olives is returned to the olive groves for irrigation. Farmers also use oilcake as fuel for heating water for household needs. Olive trees in Crete belong to families only, not big companies. As a result, locals have a more personal approach to trees, the environment, and final product care.

Traceability and Certification

For more than 13 years, the Terra Creta factory has had an online tracking system for consumers. Tracking also includes complete laboratory analysis and satellite photos of the exact field location where the olive oil originated. When a farmer delivers a batch of olives to a squeeze plant, he receives a unique barcode that accompanies the olives in an online system throughout the entire production process. This system tracks the oil in the way of storage, spill, and delivery worldwide.

Terra Creta Olive Oil tests prove that it does not contain:

  • Heavy metals
  • PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Carbohydrates), which pollute the environment
  • Dioxins
  • Halogen Solvents

Along with certificates of quality and place of origin, Terra Creta is produced from the olives of those trees cultivated exclusively by traditional methods, devoid of chemical additives and fertilisers. As a result, such oil signifies the Greek authority on biological cultivation issued by the Greek Organization for Certification of Organic Products DIO.

By exporting into 42 countries company has the know-how and the flexibility to cover the needs of high-demanding customers. The factory has international certificates of the total quality management system for the production of natural olive oil. Their products are awarded in more than 52 international worldwide competitions.

Unique Qualities

The uniqueness of this product is its long history. Even today, you can see the oldest world-findings of olive oil use and storage in the Minoan Palace near Crete’s north coast. It was built by a civilisation that we call the Minoans, which emerged around 2000 BCE and lasted until 1400 BCE.

Visit the village “AnoVouves” when you are in Greece to see the oldest olive tree in the world. The monumental Olive Tree of Vouves is growing in the Kolymvari region, which is in Crete. According to rough estimates, it counts from 2.5 to 3.5 thousand years old.

The island has the ideal climate for olive tree cultivation, where pest control is minimum. The distances inside the region are not vast, so factories have olive fruit extraction after a few hours from the harvesting, which is a crucial point for quality. All aspects above give Eqology firm conviction that our collaboration with Terra Creta is essential and the best solution for Pure Arctic Oil is found.

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