EQ Pure Arctic Oil Certifications


Marine Stewardship Council confirms the highest quality of our omega-3 oil. You are 100% guaranteed that fish used for the production of EQ Pure Arctic Oil comes only from legal and reliable sources.

Traceability is one of the main principles of MSC certification standards. Therefore, EQ Pure Arctic Oil is sourced and processed to the highest standards of sustainability. This system allows you to monitor the supply chain, thus preventing the entry of endangered fish and seafood on the market. The certificate confirms that fish caught for Eqology omega-3 oil comes from a legitimate source. On their website, the organisation speak out:

We’re on a mission to end overfishing. Ensure future generations can enjoy the wild seafood we love by choosing certified sustainable seafood with the bluefish label.


EQ Pure Arctic Oil packaging is certified by Forest Stewardship Council, which confirms its sourcing from well-managed forests and recycled materials, labelled as eco-friendly.

FSC is a non-profit organisation dedicated to promoting responsible forest management. The certification scheme includes several essential elements. The first is the certification of the forestry management system, the second is the certification of the supply chain, and the third is the entry into the market of certified products. The mission of FSC is “to promote environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial, and economically viable management of the world’s forests”.

Superior Taste Award

Superior Taste Award is an international tasting competition, held in Belgium and organised by International Taste & Quality Institute, an organisation for the expert evaluation and certification of food and beverages from around the world, founded in 2005.

The evaluation is based on blind tasting by world-class chefs and sommeliers. The best products receive one of the most prestigious and most coveted makers of awards – the Superior Taste Award.

The aroma, taste, aftertaste, first impression, appearance, texture and colour of the products are evaluated.

Depending on the competition and the number of samples, a different number of jury members participate in the degustation. These are qualified tasters and recognised experts in their field; some of them represent the most prestigious European culinary and sommelier associations.

Two hundred prestigious Chefs and Sommeliers blindly tested EQ Pure Arctic Oil and received the prestigious high score of 2 golden stars, which refers to Remarkable Product! Read more about Superior Taste Award in our separate article.

Cologne List

The Cologne List® is a service platform that protects athletes from unauthorised doping claims by providing a confirmed list of food supplements with minimal risk of doping.

EQ products are based on natural, high-efficiency ingredients that are not on WADA’s “prohibited list”. Moreover, EQ Pure Arctic Oil Lemon, EQ Shake Strawberry and EQ Shake Chocolate are tested for banned substances and approved by Cologne List®. You can learn about anti-doping in a dedicated article.


Halal Certification Europe ensures the quality of products under the rules established by the Islamic Council, namely lack of additives, preservatives, colourings and flavourings.

EQ Pure Arctic Oil corresponds to specific dietary law and is free from any prohibited substances or ingredients. Moreover, it confirms that this product is made by using the appropriate utensils and machinery. The concept of “halal” has a similarity with the Hebrew term “kosher”.

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