Eqology Premium Plan discount

Get 25% off on all single EQ Products

Did you know that all our Premium customers enjoy a 25% discount on rest individual EQ Products every month? All you need is to be Eqology Premium Plan customer with EQ Pure Arctic Oil or EQ Pure Vegan Oil.

Once your Premium Subscription or Premium Pre-Paid plan is obtained, feel free to order separate products already with the discount. You can find them on EQ webshop under the categories “Vitamins & Minerals”, “Lifestyle & Fitness” or even more.

For example, our EQ Collagen Booster Serum will cost you 149,25 EUR instead of regular 199 EUR price. Always check the bottom Premium price to see the difference.

The same 25% discount will be for all flavours of EQ Shakes, EQ Pure Vegan Oil, and EQ Anti Age Collagen. Moreover, this allowance also applies to EQ Essential, EQ K2+D3, EQ Omega-3 Test, and EQ Vitamin K2+D3 Test. To sum up, all products except Premium Plan packages and single bottles of EQ Pure Arctic Oil have a separate reduced Premium price.

Even more extras with EQ Premium Plans

Read more about all EQ Pure Arctic Oil Premium Plan benefits by following this link. Also, you can review all the advantages of EQ Premium Plans for EQ Pure Vegan Oil here.

We hope you will enjoy all the privileges!