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– get it with new, improved Omega-3 Test

Full Spectrum Fatty Acids profile includes an explanation of the biological function of the essential fatty acids.

Did you know that our Omega-3 Test contains Full Spectrum Fatty Acids Report? Today, Eqology offers an entirely new approach to testing on the market, where you receive your personal fatty acid blood profile after performing the Omega-3 Test. Additionally, to your omega-6/omega-3 ratio & omega-3 index, now you get extra access to a significant scientific report with information about 11 essential blood fatty acid values! Together with the report, you will explore biological functions and the role in the medicine of omega-3, omega-6, omega-9 and other fatty acids. This is an outstanding opportunity to get valuable health knowledge that will help you understand your body better, strengthen it and control all organism replies.

With Omega-3 Test results, you will get:

  • Description of the main functions of the most important saturated and unsaturated fatty acids in the human body.
  • Overview of the expected blood values for these acids found in healthy people.
  • Values for the fatty acids measured in the blood sample you have sent to Vitas Laboratory.

The Full Spectrum Fatty Acids Report will provide you with personal values and a recommended plasma range of all essential fatty acids found in the blood. This data will help you compare actual results with suggested amounts and understand the relationship to potential health effects.

Why do we need the extended Full Spectrum Fatty Acids Report?

The balance between saturated and unsaturated fatty acids intake is vital for body vitality. To stay healthy, we must increase the amount of unsaturated fatty acids in our diet and decrease saturated fats consumption. Unsaturated fatty acids are essential building blocks for the cell membrane and intracellular organelles in all human cells. The body needs a regular supply of unsaturated fatty acids, where the omega-3 fatty acids profile is the most important. It doesn’t mean that we don’t need any saturated fatty acids at all. Those are also crucial for our health. However, the ratio between saturated fatty acids omega-6 and unsaturated omega-3 in our blood should never be higher than 5. A ratio higher than 5 omega-6s to 1 omega-3s increases the length and severity of inflammatory reactions.

What’s great, our Omega-3 Test is a simple self-administered device that you can purchase as a single product or select together with the Pure Arctic Oil Premium plan. After you perform the test at home, post it totally for free to our laboratory in Oslo. Results will be ready on even after 15 – 20 business days.

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