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EQ Arctic Premium Professional Kit

€ 899.00

It is important that you get the appropriate tools as soon as you have decided to become an EQ Business Partner.

The EQ Arctic Premium Professional Kit includes:

  • 2 EQ Premium Box:
    • 2×4 EQ Pure Arctic Oil
    • 2×3 EQ Pure Arctic Oil Samples
    • 2×1 Measuring Utensil
  • 10 EQ Omega-3 Test Kits
  • 4 EQ Pure Arctic Oil Sample Box 20
  • 12 EQ Magazines
  • 6 Start Up
  • 12 EQ First Look

Welcome to the team and congratulations on your decision to become an EQ Business Partner!

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You will receive a printed copy of the Business Partner Agreement, which you accept when you purchase one of our EQ Business Kit (this is your copy). The EQ Business Kit will regularly be updated with relevant materials.

Fast Start Qualified

Your Fast Start Qualified period begins from the first time you order an EQ Business Kit. Your Fast Start Qualified period then runs for 30 days, for example from the 20th of October to the 18th of November. All customers and orders must be registered at the latest at 10 p.m. to apply. Those registered after this will not be registered until the following day.

Signature in e-mails

It is important that we are coherent and clear in our communication. We therefore recommend you to use our template for signatures in emails for Business Partners.

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EQ First Look as an app (iOS, Android, smartphones and tablets):


Business material

You can find EQ First Look as .pptx and PDF in different languages under EQ Business.

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Right of Cancellation

Business Kits that have been used / opened cannot be returned, this also applies if you have already registered new customers.
Otherwise the law on right of cancellation applies as described in our terms and conditions.

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