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Pure Arctic Oil


Pure Arctic Oil

Eqology’s hero product, Pure Arctic Oil, contains 100% fresh, traceable and sustainable omega-3 oil sourced from Atlantic wild cod caught off the pristine coast of Norway.

Our premium omega-3 oil is produced within six hours from when the fish are caught to ensure the most fresh tasting oil is produced. You can trace your Pure Arctic Oil bottle by locating the fishing vessel that harvested your oil. You can follow the whereabouts of the specific ships by using – an open, community-based project, which provides real-time information on ship movements to ensure full traceability.

MSC Certified

Norwegian cod fisheries are certified by the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC). MSC is an international non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable fishing standards and practices. MSC certification, depicted by a blue label on seafood products in the shops, represents the gold standard for best practice in the fishing industry. Did you know? Only 10% of the world’s fisheries carry MSC Marine Fisheries Standard certification.

Not only are our suppliers MSC certified, Eqology is too. Our customers can rest assured that the omega-3 in our Pure Arctic Oil is of the highest quality, sourced and processed to the highest sustainability standards.


Omega-3 oil from the Arctic Ocean is of the most exceptional quality. Our supplier has built the competence and technology to safeguard the quality of the necessary omega-3 fatty acids through years of experience and in close collaboration with our Research and Development department. Sustainability is important in order to ensure we safeguard the resources for future generations. The cod head and liver are especially fatty and contain high levels of omega-3. Our top priority is to have a close collaboration between the marine refining industry and fisherman to utilise 100 % of the fish that are caught. The best indication of how fresh and premium an omega-3 fish oil is, is the taste.


Superior Taste Award

Each year, over 200 prestigious chefs and sommeliers give their objective and professional feedback on the taste of thousands of consumer products. Pure Arctic Oil Lemon and Orange flavour, Pure Arctic Oil Gold and Pure Vegan Oil have all received the prestigious high score of 2 golden stars, which refers to Remarkable Taste.

Organic cold-pressed olive oil

Pure Arctic Oil is formulated with organic cold-pressed olive oil to ensure the uptake of the omega-3s are at the highest levels. This extra virgin oil is made from olives grown in the eponymous estate, located in the sunlit mountain and hilly olive groves of the island of Crete. Both ancient and modern technologies are used in production: slow-farming technics make its taste and aroma unique. Find out more about the olive oil used in Pure Arctic Oil here