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We have gathered here some practical information for you as Eqology’s customer so that you know you can feel safe in purchasing your health and well-being products from us.

An auto order is a flexible monthly order, and you choose yourself when in the month, you want your auto order to be delivered. You can quickly change the products in your auto order, every month if you wish so until 11:59 p.m. the day before your chosen period (learn more about delivery periods below) begins.
You can do this yourself by logging in to, or by contacting our Customer Support Team. We are more than happy to help!

An auto order where you have a fixed binding period (6 months) for a reduced price, and you choose yourself when in the month, you want your auto order to be delivered.

A 6-month subscription can be terminated at the earliest after all 6 subscription payments are made, counting from and including your first delivery. After the fixed term of 6 months has expired, you will continue to receive the product as an auto-order, and retain the reduced subscription price. If you do not terminate the agreement, the subscription will also continue after the fixed term with a 30-day notice period.

If you also want to make individual purchases that you do not need every month, please choose to add these as a DELIVER NOW, and these products will be sent to you immediately, separate from your monthly auto order. A shipping and handling fee of € 5,90 will be added to this order.

Pre-Paid is our most popular option as you receive your supply for 6 months in only one delivery, and with an even more reduced price that you will pay in total with your shipment.

Log in to «My Account» to view that your auto-order include a Pre-Paid Installment. This will inform you of your remaining supply. You only pay for shipping/handling.

You can choose between four different monthly delivery periods, in other words, when in the month, you want your products to be shipped to you:

Delivery period 1: 2-7
Delivery period 2: 8-13
Delivery period 3: 14-19
Delivery period 4: 20-25

If you, for example, choose Period 3: 14-19 as your delivery, we will withdraw the payment from your account and ship your order at the beginning of your period. If you want to change your auto order, you can do so before 23:59 the day before your selected period starts (in this case before 23:59 on the 13th).

3 for free (3FF)

Buy your product, get 3 friends to buy the same product, and you will get your product FOR FREE* in the following calendar month.
*You only pay for shipping/handling for ordinary products. Apply to Pure Arctic Oil Gold, Pure Arctic Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Pure Vegan Oil, Nordic Energy Booster, Vitamin K2+D3, Essential, Anti Age Collagen, Marine Collagen Premium+ and Shake.
Read more about 3FF Conditions

You can always choose to pause your auto-order for some time. You can pause your monthly order for 1 month via My Account. Please contact our Customer Support Team in case you need a longer pause.
If you would prefer to terminate your auto-order or subscription, please contact our Customer Support Team by phone: +44 2033 222 454, and we will help you.

Subscriptions can be cancelled after the binding period of the contract has been completed. A cancellation fee applies in case termination is requested before all the 6 binding orders are successfully paid for and completed.

If the subscription is not terminated within the binding time, it will continue as a regular monthly auto-order. You will keep the reduced subscription price.
A subscription does not end by returning a package.

As the contract is between the account owner and AS, only the account owner can request termination or a pause.

A regular subscription to Pure Arctic Oil Gold, Pure Arctic Oil Premium or Pure Vegan Oil Premium entitles you a 25% discount on all other *single products (not subscriptions) every month.

When ordering Pure Arctic Oil with tests, you can ask for your money refunded if your ratio is better than 3:1 after your first Omega-3 Test. To claim this guarantee, return the unopened bottle and the one you have opened and started using – and we will then cancel your 6-month subscription/pre-paid and refund the amount. Valid for 30 days after your purchase or not later than 7 days after you get your test results.
If your omega-6/-3 ratio is higher than 5:1 after 6 months of regular Pure Arctic Oil consumption, you can apply for a full product price refund excluding delivery costs. Each case is considered individually and verified by our product specialist. Should you have further questions, please contact our Customer Support Team.
The money back guarantee is valid for people who are not pregnant or breastfeeding. Valid for 7 days from the date of your second test result.

    For all orders above € 60* we will cover your shipping and handling fee. All you need is to have at least two products in your cart.
    By one product we mean one single product, one single subscription or one single pack of pre-paid, even if it includes several items.
    *Free shipping does not apply to 3 For Free, Business Kits and Eqology Merchandise orders.

    If there is something wrong with the received package or items, please contact Customer Support within 14 days from the delivery date. In most cases, we will ask for documentation of the complaint/damage, and therefore ask you to keep the product until you hear back from our customer service.

    Our standard delivery time varies from 2 to 5 business days from the moment your order is paid.


When returning items, you must pay the delivery costs according to prevailing rates. The return postage of unclaimed packages is to be paid by the customer. Refunds are sent to your provided account number after the parcel has arrived at our warehouse. Remember to enter your account number on the return form. In case an initial Subscription order or a Pre-Paid/Extension is returned partially, AS will refund the difference between the Subscription/Pre-Paid price and the regular product price of the items that were kept or used by the Customer.

Always contact customer service if you want to return goods.

NOTE! The subscription does not end by returning a package.

Separate shipping/handling fees and return policies apply to Business Kits and value packs.
See the Business Partner Agreement for details.