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Eqology products
What types of products does Eqology carry?
We offer our customers dietary supplements through our webshop Our products are developed in cooperation with leading herbalists, homoeopaths and biochemists. According to GMP standards, product development and manufacturing take place in Norway and the EU (Good Manufacturing Practice). Our products are based on natural, high-efficiency ingredients that are not on WADA’s “prohibited list” and are tested for banned substances and approved by Cologne List®. Our suppliers guarantee that none of Eqology’s products is tested on animals. Eqology is in addition to our supplier of Pure Arctic Oil MSC-certified. MSC, The Marine Stewardship Council, is an international non-profit organisation. MSC certified fisheries ensure that fish are caught at levels that allow fish populations and the ecosystems they depend on to remain healthy and productive for the future. By these means, our customers can rest assured that the omega-3 in our Pure Arctic Oil is of the highest quality, sourced and processed to the highest sustainability standards.
What is Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP)?
Good manufacturing practice guides manufacturing, testing, and quality assurance to ensure that the manufacture and sale of food, drug products, and active pharmaceutical products are safe for human consumption.
Requirements for documentation
The European and local health authorities have established requirements for documentation on the effect of health supplements. Eqology evaluates our information about health supplements and will make necessary changes required by the new international rules (should there be a reason for it) on a regular basis.
Are any of your ingredients on (WADA) “prohibited list”?
All of our products are based on natural, high-efficiency ingredients that are not on WADA’s “prohibited list” and are tested for banned substances and approved by Cologne List®. Contact Customer Service for specific batch numbers.
Are your products tested on animals?
Our suppliers guarantee that none of Eqology’s products is tested on animals: - We do not test our finished products on animals or engaging others to do so. - All ingredients may have been tested on animals at some point in history, but we have not tested our product’s ingredients on animals. - Our suppliers guarantee that they do not test the ingredients on animals, or engaging others to do so. - We do not conduct animal testing in the manufacturing process of our products or engage others to do so. - Eqology is registered on Animal Welfare Alliance’s list of products and brands that are not tested on animals.
Are the herbs and the various ingredients we use in our products are standardised, safe and legal?
All ingredients in Eqology’s products are approved according to EU and Norwegian laws. The herbal ingredients used are on the “Herbal List” of approved commercial ingredients for food products. We have selected our specific raw materials based on evaluation of the ingredient quality documentation such as specifications, various certificates proving the absence of unwanted components in the extracts, stability data, certificate of analysis for each batch of a herbal extract made and documentation showing that production quality is according to industry standard. We collaborate with an elite selection of suppliers that we know well and who practice reasonable internal quality control. National Food Safety Authorities approve all our manufacturers for food and nutrition product manufacturing regulated by EU and Norwegian law with clear directives. Concerning safety, the consumption of minerals and vitamins is strictly different substances that are allowed in food supplements.
Are your products approved in other countries?
Eqology adheres to current rules and regulations with regards to labelling and testing of products in each of the countries where we sell our products.
Are Eqology’s products organic?
The rules for what can be labelled as organic differs from country to country, and this makes it complicated for those of us operating throughout Europe. There is no guarantee that organic products are natural and pure: a product may contain a lot of “non-organic” ingredients but still be defined as organic as long as the organic portion is high enough. Our goal is to have as natural and pure products as possible, without compromising functionality and effect, at an affordable user price. This is why we have chosen not to emphasise our organic products in our marketing mix. It is challenging to get organic/ecological status on the entire product portfolio. Some of our products are organic without being marketed as organic, but we cannot at this time guarantee that they will remain organic forever. This is due to the supply and quality of the raw materials at any given time. Some products will never become organic, such as a product with a high proportion of water – since water cannot be labelled as organic.
Can I use Eqology’s products if I’m on prescription medication or have a health issue?
Eqology products are designed to keep healthy people healthy. If you are on any medication or have health issues, you should consult your physician before consuming our products.
Can I use Eqology’s products while I’m pregnant?
Pregnant women must ensure that they consume sufficient diversity of nutrients. All of Eqology’s products are defined as foods – that contribute to keeping the body healthy. None of our products contains ingredients at levels, which should cause concern during pregnancy or while trying to get pregnant. However, there is a golden rule that we ask patients, pregnant women and individuals with a particular dietary need to consult with their physician before using supplements. This rule also applies to pregnant and breastfeeding women in general- even though our products do not have any special warnings for this group of women, e.g. essential oils that some women choose to avoid entirely during pregnancy. If you have any concerns at all, we advise you to consult your doctor or pharmacist and show them the ingredient list before using the product. Our ingredients lists are available on our website. (select the product you are interested in, and you’ll see a tab to click on for the ingredient listing).
Can you send me free samples?
Currently, free Eqology Samples are not available for general distribution.
Omega-3 Test
Where can I see the results of my test?
Go to and register your Omega-3 Test ID number to access your results.
How does the blood test work?
With the help of a simple home blood test you will quickly get an answer to your omega-6 and omega-3 ratio. You can then find your results on after 20 – 25 business days. See the user manual to how to perform the blood test. See our video on how to perform the blood test.
Is it necessary to fast before taking the test?
No, fasting is not necessary.
In the accompanying leaflet it says the blood sample must be sent in the same day or the next at the latest. I live far away, is there a risk that this can affect the analysis?
The sample will keep in room temperature at least 7 days. If you live far away, it might be a good idea to not send the test just before a weekend or national holiday, but to store it in the refrigerator and send it the first possible business day.
Can the analysis be affected if I am a vegetarian, pregnant, breast-feeding, dieting, have diabetes or an illness/cancer? Can the use of Pure Arctic Oil help if you already have cancer, a weak immune system, and inflammation reactions in the body?
It is not harmful to determine one’s omega-6/omega-3 ratio. If you have an illness that is being medically treated, the test results should be discussed with your doctor. Also, the use of Pure Arctic Oil should be discussed with your doctor if you are on certain medications. We want to stress again that Pure Arctic Oil is a health product, where use is recommended to stay healthy and prevent illnesses.
Can my diet or illness the last few days before taking the test affect the results?
Not to any significant degree.
Are there other factors I should take into account that can affect the results of the test?
Not to any significant degree.
Is it dangerous to handle other people’s blood tests when bearing in mind different blood diseases?
We recommend that you collect your own blood sample yourself and that you avoid collecting the sample from others.
Is the test kit sealed?
Yes, the test kit itself and the lancets that are used to prick your finger are both sealed.
What is the privacy policy around my results and are they securely stored?
Our analysis partner Vitas AS entirely handles the results. Only the person who was tested and certified personnel at the Vitas laboratory have access to the results.
How do I know my results are correct?
If you got an unexpected result that you think has to be wrong, we recommend you read our FAQ to maintain if you could have made any mistakes when taking the test. If you still have questions, please contact our customer service.
I believe my analysis results are incorrect and I want to take another test – what do I do?
Please, contact our customer service.
Share and Pure Vegan Shake
What is Shake and Pure Vegan Shake?
Shake is a unique full dietary and meal replacement that provides only 215 kcal mixed with semi-skimmed milk. The product is exclusively made from the finest raw materials and ingredients and contains 50% high-quality protein (25 g per meal), BCAA (branched-chain amino acids), 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, complex carbohydrates with a low GI, fibre and essential fatty acids. Pure Vegan Shake is created exclusively from plant sources. Both pea and rice proteins are well-known for their strong benefits, containing all the essential amino acids our bodies require. Quinoa is also high in protein, calcium and iron. These seeds have a high water absorption capacity. In turn, Baobao extract is a genuine superfood and a source of Potassium, Magnesium, dietary fibre and mostly Vitamin C. Shake and Pure Vegan Shake have significant advantages over ALL well-known meal replacements available on the market today. One of the main differences is the percentage of protein and the amount of sugar. Shake contains 50%, and Pure Vegan Shake contains 51% of protein. Both are sweetened with extracts from the Stevia plant. In Shake we have used only high-quality protein with the highest biological value – a blend of whey protein isolate (95% protein), added soy protein isolate and casein protein, as these cover beneficial effects that whey does not supply. This is the optimal composition that provides a steady supply of amino acids throughout a more extended period and simultaneously provides the body with nutritious plant proteins with antioxidant properties that promote muscle recovery after exercise.
Do Shake and Pure Vegan Shake contain artificial additives?
No, Shake and Pure Vegan Shakes do not contain any artificial additives, colours or unnecessary fillers.
Will Shake and Pure Vegan Shake help restrict cravings for snacks?
Shake and Pure Vegan Shake are good sources of fibre and protein, which increases the feeling of satiety, stabilises blood sugar and helps you manage your nutrition intake.
Can lactose intolerants use Shake or Pure Vegan Shake?
If you have any side effects, you can choose Pure Vegan Shake, which consists of 100% plant protein. Shake Vanilla and Chocolate are made from milk protein isolate. Protein isolates contain small amounts of lactose, where one portion contains only 0,034 g lactose from milk protein isolate. If you are lactose intolerant and want to use an ordinary Shake instead of a Pure Vegan Shake, you can test it in small amounts and wait a few hours to see if you have any reaction.
Can people with milk protein intolerance use Shake or Pure Vegan Shake?
No, Shake consists of 50% protein isolate from whey, soy and casein. In turn, Pure Vegan Shake contains pea protein isolate mixed with rice protein, which gives 51% of the protein in each portion.
Shake contains dextrin, does that mean it contains gluten?
No, Shake is gluten-free. Dextrin is extracted from corn and does not contain gluten.
What is the difference between Shake, Pure Vegan Shake and other meal replacements?
Shake and Pure Vegan Shake are sweetened 100% with the natural sweetener from the stevia plant and have, therefore, no added sugar. Also, Shake and Pure Vegan Shake contain no artificial flavours, colourants or taste enhancers. They contain significant amounts of high-quality protein (in the case of Pure Vegan Shake it is plant protein) and dietary fibres, more than most other meal replacements on the market.
Why are Shake and Pure Vegan Shake complete meal replacements?
In addition to high-quality proteins, Shake and Pure Vegan Shake contain vitamins, minerals, fibres, essential amino acids and a caloric value per EU standards.
How often can I use Shake and Pure Vegan Shake?
If you want to lose weight, we recommend taking Shake or Pure Vegan Shake for breakfast and lunch. If you want to maintain your weight and have an active lifestyle, we recommend you take Shake or Pure Vegan Shake for breakfast or lunch. Your dinner should besides contain plenty of vegetables and as little saturated fats as possible. To gain better results from exercise, we recommend that you take Shake or Pure Vegan Shake immediately after you have finished your workout. The metabolic window is open for 20 minutes after you have completed your workout, and if you provide your muscles with Shake during that time, you will optimise muscular restitution.
How many meals can I get from one Shake and Pure Vegan Shake pouch?
One pouch of Shake has 300 grams of powder, and one portion is 25 grams. In regular use, this is 12 meals. In turn, one pouch of Pure Vegan Shake has 500 grams of powder, where one portion is 40 grams. In regular use, that also provides 12 meals.
Can I use Shake or Pure Vegan Shake when pregnant?
Eqology’s philosophy is to strive for having natural ingredients in our products. This means that we use ingredients with long traditions of efficiency and safety. We build our competence on information from manufacturers and generally available knowledge through years of descriptions, experience and studies. In our branch, it is a golden rule that patients, pregnant women and individuals with special nutritional needs should contact their doctor before using our products. This rule, therefore, applies to pregnancy in general – even though our products do not carry any special warnings for this group of women.
Can I use Shake or Pure Vegan Shake when breastfeeding?
When breastfeeding, it is essential to get correct and enough nutrition. Shake is a complete nutrition and meal replacement when mixed with low-fat milk. The product is made of only the best raw materials and ingredients. It contains all 50% high-quality protein (25 g per meal), BCAA (branch-chained amino acids), 12 vitamins, 11 minerals, complex carbohydrates with a low GI, fibres and essential fatty acids. Pure Vegan Shake is the ultimate healthy meal supplement, which consists of 100% plant protein. Our unique formula contains pea protein isolate mixed with rice protein, quinoa flour and Baobab powder. It is essential to be aware that a baby’s stomach and intestines are not entirely developed in the beginning. Proteins are large molecules that are mainly made up of chains of several hundreds of amino acids. They can be heavy to digest for an immature stomach and intestinal system. For this reason, if you want to use EQ Shake when breastfeeding, it would be a good idea to try it gradually. If the baby shows signs of the discomfort of stomach pains after you have taken EQ Shake or EQ Pure Vegan Shake, you should wait a while and try again once the baby has had a chance to grow and develop a bit more.
Serving suggestions Shake and Pure Vegan Shake
Mix Shake or Pure Vegan Shake with what you like, for example, 250 ml of yoghurt, low-fat milk, soy milk, rice milk or oat milk. Pour the fluid in a shaker first, then the powder, shake and enjoy! If you have a blender, you can add ice cubes or frozen fruit to get a creamy consistency and tasty results.
How do I place an order online?
To place an order, click the “add to basket” button next to any product you wish to purchase. When you have added all products you want to order into your basket, click on the “Checkout” button to begin the checkout process. The site will guide you through the necessary steps to gather pertinent information to get your order to you accurately and promptly. If you need assistance with your order, please contact Eqology customer service.
Do I have to register with to place an order?
Yes, you will need to become an Eqology customer to take full advantage of the products and special offers available on our site. If you would like to become an Eqology customer, please contact Customer Service and one of our distributors will get back to you.
I forgot my username or my password
You can request a new password from the login section of the site. Click on the “Forgot your password” link, enter your email address, username and click on "Reset my password" to confirm your request. A username and password will be emailed to you.
How can I update my profile?
You can change or update personal data within the account settings of the “My Account” section.
How can I change my delivery address?
"Your billing address will automatically be entered as your delivery address. You can change this address during the checkout process or you can change the address in “My Account” section. Once an order has been placed, you may update the delivery address in My Account. Please note that this does not apply to Express orders if this is the case please contact our customer service, and we will help you.
Why is Anti Age Collagen or Marine Collagen Premium+ not produced as capsules?
The reason why our Collagen proucts are only sold in powder form and not in capsules is the volume required for a daily dose. The size is too large to fit into an exact number of capsules.
From which fish is the fish collagen in Anti Age Collagen extracted?
The fish used in Anti Age Collagen are farmed species of Pangasius and Tilapia, whitefish species better known in warmer countries than in Northern Europe and in Norway. These species are adapted to farming primarily for food production and thus utilisation of these fish does not affect vulnerable fish resources. The by-products (bone, skin and connective tissue), which contains most of the fish’s collagen, are utilised in the production of collagen powder. After extraction, the collagen is hydrolysed, i.e. broken down into low molecular weight components using water and one or more enzymes.
Does EQ Anti Age Collagen contain DHA?
No, our supplier has confirmed that there is no DHA in Anti Age Collagen. However, as there might be small traces of DHA in any fish-based product, they do not guarantee 100% absence, especially regarding serious allergies.
Does Anti Age Collagen contain iodine?
There is not conducted any analyse of iodine content. The product is not added iodine.
Is it safe to consume Anti Age Collagen when pregnant and breast feeding?
Anti Age Collagen is not mainly safety tested and documented for pregnant and breastfeeding women. Presently we are not aware of any studies looking at the transfer of low molecular collagen in the umbilical cord and across the placenta; meaning the foetus might digest traces of collagen. According to the producer, the risk for any associated safety concern is shallow; however, it is generally essential to take precautions when pregnant and breastfeeding and when infants are involved. Collagen is a natural protein that is not uncommon in food and hydrolysed low molecular weight collagen is a break-down product of natural collagen and thus not unusual for the body.
Can you tell more about the anti-caking agent Anti Age Collagen?
The silicon dioxide (also prevents lumping) in Anti Age Collagen is a natural mineral which we normally consume through food (mostly vegetables). We need silica for the natural growth of bone structure.
What is GDPR?
The General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) is a new comprehensive data protection law in the European Union (“EU”) that updates existing laws to strengthen the protection of personal data in light of rapid technological developments, increased globalisation, and more complex international flows of personal data. It replaces the patchwork of national data protection laws currently in place with a single set of rules, directly enforceable in each EU member state.
Most important terms regarding GDPR
“Controller” – a natural or legal person, public body, unit or another entity that independently or jointly with others sets the purposes and means processing personal data; “Personal data” – information about an identified or identifiable person (data subject); an identifiable person is someone who can be directly or indirectly identified, in particular on the basis of an identifier such as name, identification number, location details, Internet identifier or one or more specific factors determining a physical, physiological, genetic, psychological, economic, cultural or social identity of a person; “Processing” – operation or set of operations performed on personal data or personal data sets in an automated or non-automated manner, such as collecting, recording, organizing, ordering, storing, adapting or modifying, downloading, browsing, using, disclosing by sending, distributing or otherwise sharing, matching or linking, limiting, deleting or destroying; “Sensitive Data” – data revealing racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership, genetic data or biometric data, health-related data, data concerning sex life and sexual orientation.
Who is the Controller of my Personal Data?
The Controller of your Personal Data is AS, No. 988 393 495, Lilleakerveien 2B, 0283 Oslo, Norway.
Who is the DPO in AS (Data Protection Officer)?
The Company has carried out the analysis concluding that it has no obligation to appoint a Data Protection Officer at the moment. The Company is monitoring its day-to-day activities and will appoint DPO if the need arises.
How did you obtain my Personal Data?
The data we use is the data you provided during the registration process and further cooperation. If you aren’t our customer but you’ve contacted us via the contact form or phone we only have the data you’ve provided us.
What is the purpose of processing of your Personal Data by AS?
We process your Personal Data because it is necessary to perform the agreement, notably: - selling and delivering Eqology products, - setting up and managing your account, - answering your questions via contact form or phone, - providing complaint services. The Company only processes personal data whose processing is required by law, or the processing of such data is necessary to achieve the purpose of said processing.
Who in AS is the Processor of the Customers data?
Processors of Customers and Business Partners Personal Data are upline Business Partners and entities which provide for AS services necessary to maintain the business, for example, warehouses or postal operators.
Do I need to sign an additional agreement with Eqology as a Business Partner?
To create a new BP account, the Business Partner must accept the Eqology Policy and the GDPR Entrustment Agreement. All Business Partners who joined Eqology before implementing new rules will get information by logging into the webshop where they should accept the Entrustment Agreement. You as a Business Partner are a Processor of Personal Data of your downline. You are obliged to fulfil all of the GDPR rules as, for example, not processing nor storing additional data, etc.
What should I do if a customer from my downline requests to be forgotten?
You as a Processor of the Data are obliged to inform the Requestor to contact the Data Controller ( AS) directly. The Company will process the request according to legal provisions. You are also obliged to remove or anonymise all the Requestor Data if there are no other legal provisions to store it. To remove somebody from our list, we need to make sure that the Requestor is the account owner, so we need their own request.
Am I obliged to inform my downline about Personal Data Processing?
No, you are not obliged to do it. The legal basis of Personal Data Processing is AS Terms and Conditions.
Does Eqology process some personal data which are not necessary to perform the contract? How can I update my personal data or revoke the consent to process the data?
The consent may be revoked at any time, which does not affect personal data processing lawfulness before the withdrawal of consent. Revoking consent to the processing of personal data is as easy as granting it. You can use our contact form or contact us via email The contract’s performance or the provision of services is not dependent on consent to the processing of personal data in the scope beyond what is necessary to perform the contract or provide services. It means that if you don’t provide us with such data as your gender or age (which is voluntary, the data is used only for analytical and statistical purposes), it will not be a reason not to perform the agreement. Eqology allows access to personal data and the possibility to update it. If consent is withdrawn, Eqology can no longer process the data. Once approval has been removed, Eqology ensures that the data is deleted unless it can be processed on other legal grounds (for example storage requirements or as far as it is necessary to fulfil the contract). If the data is processed for several purposes: for example 1) selling EQ products, 2) sending marketing materials and you withdraw the consent to receive materials, Eqology cannot use the personal data for the part of the processing for which the consent has been removed and still can sell you the products. You need to state it clearly that the withdrawal is related only to a specific purpose of personal data processing.
Does Eqology process sensitive data?
No. Eqology does not collect any data about ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical beliefs, trade-union membership; genetic data or biometric data, health-related data, data concerning sex life and sexual orientation.
How does Eqology process the sensitive data of Omega-3 Test and Vitamin K2+D3 Test results?
Omega-3 Test and Vitamin K2+D3 Test results cannot be understood as Personal Data because it is impossible to identify a person who ordered the test. The examined person is given a unique number, which is not connected with any other data.
Where is Personal Data stored?
Mainly in the EU, but may be transferred outside the EU and EEA.
Does Eqology transfer Personal Data outside EU and EEA?
Your data may be transferred outside the European Economic Area since Eqology sings contracts with third parties regarding technical maintenance. The transfer of personal data takes place based on appropriate legal mechanisms.
Where can I read more about Eqology GDPR?
You can read more about Eqology GDPR here.
How can I receive products for free?
The qualifying month: - You buy your Pure Arctic Oil, Pure Artic Oil Gold, Pure Vegan Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Nordic Energy Booster, Vitamin K2+D3, Essential, Shake, Marine Collagen Premium+ or Anti Age Collagen. - You sign up a minimum of three new friends. - Your three friends buy the same product you did - Pure Arctic Oil , Pure Artic Oil Gold, Pure Vegan Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Nordic Energy Booster, Vitamin K2+D3, Essential, Shake, Marine Collagen Premium+ or Anti Age Collagen. The following month: You receive your Pure Arctic Oil Pure Artic Oil Gold, Pure Vegan Oil, Pure Arctic Oil For Kids, Nordic Energy Booster, Vitamin K2+D3, Essential, Shakem Marine Collagen Premium+ or Anti Age Collagen FOR FREE. You pay only postage to receive your FREE product.
What happens to the 3FF when there are free months?
3FF applies to active paying customers. If one of your friends has a free month or the payment is not completed, they are not a part of 3FF this month. You will then need to register a new friend to achieve 3FF. If one of your 3FF friends qualifies for 3FF themselves, they are removed from your 3FF. Tip: Make sure you are eligible by always having a couple of extra friends.
If I purchase the oil WITHOUT tests, will I still qualify for 3FF even though my friends purchase the subscriptions including tests?
Yes! Everything except the test alone counts towards our 3FF program.
What are the order options/types available?
AUTO ORDER: An auto order is a monthly recurring shipment option, where you have the flexibility to choose whenever you want your orders delivered. ADDITIONAL ORDER: Another order to your monthly auto order. The products will be sent as part of your auto order, so you don’t pay additional delivery fees. EXTRA ORDER: An order that will be sent separately and in addition to your monthly auto order. The shipping and handling fee will be added to this order.
How do I change my auto order?
You can easily change the products in your monthly auto order until 11:59 p.m. the day before your selected period (read more about delivery periods further down). You can do this by logging in to "My Account" on, or by contacting customer service.
What are the advantages of choosing an auto order?
Choosing an auto-order has several advantages: reduced prices on all products, access to monthly and seasonal offers and discounts, and Eqology Magazine which includes relevant articles on fitness, health and nutrition, as well as product information, customer’s experiences etc.
Why choose a subscription with a fixed period?
To gain the best effect, you should use the products for a minimum of 6 months. Therefore, we offer subscriptions with fixed periods to be able to provide the best results at the best price. This means that you will get a discount if you commit to buying the product for a minimum of the fixed period. After the binding ends, the product will be sent at a discounted price as part of your auto order for as long as you wish. With the 6 months subscription, there is a 14-day return policy. The conditions are based on purchasing over the three consecutive months.
Can I freeze an auto order or terminate a subscription?
You can always choose to freeze your auto order or unsubscribe completely. If you prefer to terminate your subscription, please contact our Eqology Customer Service by phone +44 2033 222 454, and we will help you. Note! The subscription does not end by returning a package. The subscription does not end automatically after the binding period
What are the delivery options?
You can choose between four different monthly delivery periods for when your products are to be sent to you: Delivery Period 1: 2st-7th Delivery Period 2: 8th-13th Delivery Period 3: 14th-19rd Delivery Period 4: 20th-25st An example: if you choose period 3 as your delivery, we will deduct the payment from your account between the 14th and the 19rd of every month. The order will be sent at the beginning of each delivery period. If you want to change your auto order, you can do so before 11:59 p.m. the day before your selected period starts (in this case before 23:59 on the 13th).
Can I purchase products without subscribing?
If you do not want a monthly auto order, you may choose to buy single products at any time. An auto order is more convenient and flexible. In addition to reduced prices, you will have access to great monthly and seasonal offers, Eqology Magazine, which includes relevant articles on fitness, health and nutrition, product information, customer experiences, etc.
What are your rates?
All prices include VAT, which is 25% for health supplements. Shipping and handling fee will apply.
What are the payment options?
Payment options vary by countries. You can check or change your payment method in the “My Account / Payment Method” section or contact our Customer Service. Payment is made with SSL encryption, which means that no unauthorised personnel can access your card details. The payment is completed before we send your order. As soon as we receive your payment, your order is shipped for packing and dispatch. Read more about this under delivery. Accepted cards: Visa and MasterCard
What are your cancellation and return policies?
A 14 day unconditional repent and return policy applies to all unopened products. When returning items, you must pay the delivery costs according to the local postal service's prevailing rates. Return postage of unclaimed packages is to be paid by the customer. Generally, rules and regulations, as described in the return policies form added to your package, apply.
What can I do when there is something wrong with my product?
If there is something wrong with the received package or items, please contact customer support immediately.
When is my product dispatched?
We will send your order to packing and dispatch once we have received your payment. To view your orders and reference number, click “Orders” under “My Account”. You will find the reference number by clicking on the appropriate order.
What is the delivery time?
We use different delivery partners depending on the country. You will see the name of your delivery partner in “My Account” section after placing the order. If you have any questions about your parcel, you can contact them by phone or visit the website for tracking.